California Crossover

July 31, 2012

Astrid is rescued from her parents abuse.

Anabel buys a house

Amelia is asked to decide her loyalties

July 30, 2012

Anabel receives a phone call from Billy G asking her and Astrid to accompany him to the Voodoo Lounge at the behest of the Prince of the City. Anabel agrees to go with Billy and contacts Astrid who also agrees.

Amelia is sent an email by F1rstcity asking her to go with Billy G, Astrid, and Anabel. Amelia asks her groundskeeper to drive her into the city.

After learning of Hannelore’s disappearance, Amelia meet up with Anabel and Billy to dicuss the overheard terms of “Mass Embracing” and “Cathayan”

Astrid leaves to use the restroom and is embraced.

The group leaves to find Astrid and find her in a Mage’s Sanctum. Billy is injured as he retrieves her from an electrified room. They are found in a room by the prince and 2 others. Astrid attacks the mage after being thrown into his arms by Billy G.

Amelia putrifies the Prince, and Billy G, rakes into the back of his neck, decapitating him.

Sarah flees with Amelia and Billy in pursuit. He rakes her with his claws and she locks gaze with him to erase his memories of Hannelore.

Amelia body checks the Prince, where she is rescued by the mob coming up the stairs. Amelia follows and Billy returns to find Astrid and Anabel.

The three of them escape.

Amelia receives a phone call, Herbert was injured in an explosion and then as Amelia is at the hospital. Herbert flat lines.


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