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Recently it has come to this reporter’s attention that San Francisco is infected with a new disease.

No one is safe from the night time terrors that seek to change us from bright shining mortals and day time sun bathers into brooding dealers of darkness.

Last night, leaders of the group of Vampires known as the Camarilla met at the popular night club, The Voodoo Lounge to discuss their next attack.

This reporter is advising readers to stay indoors and avoid strangers after dark.
Other plans to stay safe include not venturing to South San Francisco where a group of vampires calling themselves Anarchs are invading.

What is next I ask you? Vampire gang wars on the Golden Gate?

We must act to purge these menaces from our beloved town. Write your congress representatives to enact a law against supernatural influences in this mortal world.


Those familiar with the gay karaoke bar in the heart of the Castro called The Mint, may have heard the disturbing story of the wolf seen howling along with an atrocious rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

The wolf was described as looking like a large Malamute and surprisingly comfortable with the city environment. Is this another case of a violated leash law?
Or something more sinister?

Kindred Loop 1

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